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Covenant Coordinators are public authorities that are in a position to provide strategic guidance, technical and financial support to Covenant of Mayors signatories and municipalities signing up to it.

Alongside financial assistance, Covenant Coordinators typically support signatories in conducting a CO2 emission inventory and/or a climate risk assessment, as well as in preparing and implementing their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans.

  • Covenant Territorial Coordinators are decentralised authorities, such as regions, provinces or grouping of local authorities,
  • Covenant National Coordinators are national public bodies such as ministries or national energy agencies.

The European Commission recognises them as important allies to support Covenant of Mayors signatories to meet their commitments and increase the impact of the Covenant.

Region of Sardinia


Country: Italy


Main contact: Stefano Piras
Position: Direttore del Servizio energia ed economia verde

Signatories Supported

Signatories Population Adhesion Status
Alghero , IT43,94519 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Anela, IT699 6 Oct 2011Action Plans submitted
Arbus, IT6,38721 Nov 2016Adhesion
Ardara , IT81017 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Arzana, IT2,526 3 Aug 2011Action Plans submitted
Assolo, IT435 3 May 2012Action Plans submitted
Ballao, IT87525 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
Banari, IT60613 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Baradili, IT95 2 May 2012Monitoring started
Barumini, IT1,339 7 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Basso Sulcis, IT20,418 5 Dec 2012Action Plans submitted
Belvì, IT671 8 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Benetutti, IT2,01029 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Bessude , IT433 4 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
Bonnanaro, IT1,03619 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Bono , IT3,67925 Oct 2011Action Plans submitted
Bonorva, IT3,728 3 Aug 2011Action Plans submitted
Borutta, IT283 7 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Bosa, IT8,13319 Sep 2011Adhesion
Bottidda, IT796 5 Aug 2011Action Plans submitted
Bultei , IT1,05710 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Bulzi , IT56220 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Burgos , IT95819 May 2011Action Plans submitted
Cagliari, IT157,000 6 Nov 2012Monitoring started
Cargeghe , IT62929 Jun 2011Monitoring started
Castelsardo , IT5,881 5 Aug 2011Action Plans submitted
Cheremule , IT469 5 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Chiaramonti , IT1,74819 Oct 2011Action Plans submitted
Codrongianos , IT1,37413 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Comunità della Marmilla, IT20,09628 Feb 2014Action Plans submitted
Comunità di Ozieri, Tula e Erula, IT13,53030 Nov 2012Monitoring started
Comunità Pioniera del Marghine, IT23,35930 Nov 2012Action Plans submitted
Comunità Pioniera del Parteolla, IT9,33619 Dec 2012Action Plans submitted
Comunità Pioniera dello SCES (Sardegna Centrale Energia Sostenibile), IT24,342 9 Jan 2013Action Plans submitted
Comunità pioniera di Arborea, IT31,53229 Nov 2012Monitoring started
Comunità Pioniera Lughe, IT23,64315 Sep 2014Action Plans submitted
Cossoine , IT91420 Oct 2011Action Plans submitted
Costa delle Miniere, IT4,16614 Dec 2012Action Plans submitted
Domus De Maria, IT1,69116 Jun 2016Action Plans submitted
Elini, IT55519 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Erula, IT76927 Jun 2011Adhesion
Escolca, IT62230 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Esporlatu , IT43117 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Florinas, IT1,55620 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Giave , IT60323 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Illorai , IT979 8 Aug 2011Action Plans submitted
Ittireddu , IT58310 Oct 2011Action Plans submitted
Ittiri , IT8,918 7 Jun 2011Monitoring started
Laerru , IT966 4 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Lanusei, IT5,65528 Feb 2014Monitoring started
LOCULI, IT52928 Mar 2014Action Plans submitted
Mara , IT68817 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Martis, IT56012 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Masainas, IT1,347 2 May 2012Adhesion
Monteleone Rocca Doria , IT12622 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Montresta, IT56014 Nov 2011Adhesion
Mores , IT1,98219 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Muros , IT84426 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Narbolia, IT1,81112 Oct 2011Adhesion
Nughedu San Nicolò , IT88824 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Nule , IT1,44324 May 2011Action Plans submitted
Nulvi , IT2,877 9 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Nurachi, IT1,80617 Jun 2014Monitoring started
NURECI, IT35018 Mar 2014Action Plans submitted
Olmedo , IT3,93723 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Oniferi, IT925 7 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Osilo , IT3,22830 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Ossi , IT5,97430 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Ozieri , IT11,00016 Nov 2011Adhesion
Padria , IT710 8 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
Pattada , IT3,28320 May 2011Action Plans submitted
Perdasdefogu, IT1,95730 Sep 2015Action Plans submitted
Perfugas , IT2,48617 Oct 2011Action Plans submitted
Ploaghe , IT4,72631 May 2011Action Plans submitted
Porto Torres , IT22,289 7 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
Pozzomaggiore, IT2,75518 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Putifigari, IT753 7 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Romana , IT58510 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
RUINAS, IT73020 Mar 2014Action Plans submitted
Sadali, IT928 2 May 2012Action Plans submitted
San Gavino Monreale , IT8,800 9 Jan 2017Adhesion
Sant'Anna Arresi, IT2,715 3 May 2012Action Plans submitted
Santa Maria Coghinas, IT1,45415 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Sassari , IT131,000 8 Nov 2011Monitoring started
SEDILO, IT2,213 5 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Sedini, IT1,412 6 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Selegas, IT1,43817 Sep 2011Monitoring started
Semestene , IT174 4 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
Sennori, IT7,405 4 Aug 2011Action Plans submitted
Seulo, IT90527 Jun 2011Monitoring started
Siligo, IT94313 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
SIMALA, IT34026 Feb 2014Adhesion
Sorso, IT14,84129 Jul 2011Monitoring started
Stintino , IT2,300 8 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
Tergu, IT62220 May 2011Action Plans submitted
Teulada, IT3,64330 May 2016Action Plans submitted
Thiesi, IT3,01028 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Tissi, IT2,30028 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted
Torralba , IT1,00130 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Tortolì, IT10,95226 Jan 2013Action Plans submitted
Tula, IT1,611 4 Jul 2011Adhesion
Uri, IT3,05311 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Usini, IT1,61130 May 2011Action Plans submitted
Ussana, IT4,23328 Feb 2014Action Plans submitted
Valledoria , IT4,19820 Oct 2011Action Plans submitted
Viddalba, IT1,70821 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
VILLA SANT'ANTONIO, IT35216 Mar 2017Adhesion
Villagrande Strisaili, IT3,42117 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Villanova Monteleone, IT2,40528 Jun 2011Action Plans submitted


Smart City – “A” Labeled Municipalities
Category: Methods and tools
Description: The Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (RAS), support the Europe 2020 Resource efficient Europe flagship initiative’s 20% CO2 reduction target  throughout  the project Smart City – “A” Labeled Municipalities. With this project RAS selected and provided strategic guidance, technical and financial assistance to 66 Municipalities 21 "Pioneer Communities " in the establishment of a SEAP. Implementation of the SEAP’s actions will find financial support in an Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy Urban Development Fund (EE/RE UDF), established under the JESSICA initiative, to which approximately EUR 33,110,000 from Sardinia’s OP ERDF 2007-13 were awarded. The ultimate goal of the RAS, through the activation of JESSICA, is to improve the ability to design urban regeneration and energy efficiency operations, and to promote the sustainable use of renewable energy sources.


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