Illustration Covenant Coordinators

Covenant Coordinators are public authorities that are in a position to provide strategic guidance, technical and financial support to Covenant of Mayors signatories and municipalities signing up to it.

Alongside financial assistance, Covenant Coordinators typically support signatories in conducting a CO2 emission inventory and/or a climate risk assessment, as well as in preparing and implementing their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans.

  • Covenant Territorial Coordinators are decentralised authorities, such as regions, provinces or grouping of local authorities,
  • Covenant National Coordinators are national public bodies such as ministries or national energy agencies.

The European Commission recognises them as important allies to support Covenant of Mayors signatories to meet their commitments and increase the impact of the Covenant.

Province of Bergamo


Country: Italy


Main contact: Anna Nicotera

Signatories Supported

Signatories Population Adhesion Status
Albano Sant'Alessandro, IT8,07518 Feb 2010Monitoring started
Albino, IT17,80712 Feb 2010Monitoring started
Algua, IT72230 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Almè, IT5,631 7 Mar 2011Monitoring started
Almenno San Bartolomeo, IT5,38816 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Almenno San Salvatore, IT5,78929 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Alzano Lombardo, IT13,75714 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Ambivere, IT2,37117 May 2011Monitoring started
Arcene, IT4,76728 Apr 2011Monitoring started
Arzago d’Adda, IT2,81110 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Averara, IT19623 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Aviatico, IT524 6 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Azzano San Paolo, IT7,45330 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Azzone , IT43725 Feb 2012Monitoring started
Bagnatica, IT4,11930 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Barzana, IT1,64519 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Bedulita, IT71015 Oct 2009Monitoring started
Berbenno, IT2,43223 Nov 2010Monitoring started
Bergamo, IT119,14414 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Blello, IT9025 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Bolgare, IT5,50030 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Bonate Sopra, IT6,24629 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Bonate Sotto, IT6,54029 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Bottanuco, IT4,56530 Sep 2010Monitoring started
Bracca, IT75526 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Branzi, IT73125 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Brembate, IT8,439 9 Apr 2011Monitoring started
Brembate di Sopra, IT7,83226 Feb 2010Monitoring started
Brignano Gera d'Adda, IT6,00013 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Brumano, IT8612 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Brusaporto, IT5,14229 Jul 2010Monitoring started
Calcinate, IT4,66530 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Calcio, IT5,410 3 May 2010Monitoring started
Calusco d'Adda, IT8,29627 Sep 2010Monitoring started
Calvenzano, IT4,030 9 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Camerata Cornello, IT62416 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Canonica d'Adda, IT4,45522 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Capizzone, IT1,26127 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Capriate San Gervasio, IT7,81929 Apr 2011Monitoring started
Caprino Bergamasco, IT3,12222 Apr 2011Monitoring started
Caravaggio, IT16,11229 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Carona, IT38322 Aug 2009Monitoring started
Carvico, IT4,63328 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Casirate d’Adda, IT3,81812 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Casnigo, IT3,453 9 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Cassiglio, IT12020 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Castel Rozzone, IT2,91827 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Castelli Calepio, IT10,13612 May 2011Monitoring started
Castione della Presolana, IT3,37924 May 2010Monitoring started
CAVERNAGO, IT2,59826 Jun 2014Monitoring started
Cazzano Sant'Andrea, IT1,60423 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Cenate Sotto, IT3,56327 Jan 2011Monitoring started
Cene, IT4,234 3 May 2010Monitoring started
Cerete, IT1,64820 May 2010Monitoring started
Chignolo d'Isola, IT2,33730 Nov 2010Monitoring started
Chiuduno, IT5,974 4 Apr 2012Monitoring started
Cisano Bergamasco, IT6,30424 May 2011Action Plans submitted
Cividate al Piano, IT5,25413 May 2010Monitoring started
Clusone, IT8,770 6 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Colere, IT1,13927 Nov 2010Monitoring started
Cologno al Serio, IT10,500 7 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Colzate, IT1,700 2 Mar 2012Monitoring started
Comun Nuovo, IT3,61519 Feb 2010Monitoring started
Corna Imagna, IT94926 Jun 2010Action Plans submitted
Cornalba, IT30028 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Cortenuova, IT1,95920 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Costa di Mezzate, IT3,28420 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Costa Serina, IT91426 Jan 2010Monitoring started
Costa Valle Imagna, IT62014 Oct 2009Action Plans submitted
Covo, IT4,07210 Sep 2014Action Plans submitted
Curno, IT7,590 9 Mar 2011Monitoring started
Cusio, IT27426 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Dalmine, IT23,19926 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Dossena, IT1,01517 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Fara Gera d'Adda, IT7,97018 Jun 2010Monitoring started
Fara Olivana con Sola, IT1,310 6 Aug 2014Monitoring started
Filago, IT3,22411 Mar 2011Monitoring started
Fino del Monte, IT1,15914 May 2010Monitoring started
Fiorano al Serio, IT3,07830 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Fontanella, IT4,511 3 Mar 2017Action Plans submitted
Foppolo, IT210 9 Oct 2009Monitoring started
Fornovo San Giovanni, IT3,34630 Sep 2010Action Plans submitted
Fuipiano Valle Imagna, IT22019 Jun 2010Action Plans submitted
Gandellino, IT1,04927 Mar 2012Action Plans submitted
Gandino, IT5,70025 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Gandosso, IT1,50614 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Gazzaniga, IT5,12013 May 2010Monitoring started
Ghisalba, IT5,94529 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Gorle, IT6,40429 Apr 2011Monitoring started
Gorno, IT1,77827 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Grassobbio, IT5,37815 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Gromo, IT1,252 4 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Grumello del Monte, IT7,260 4 May 2011Action Plans submitted
Isola di Fondra, IT18917 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Lallio, IT4,20229 Apr 2011Monitoring started
Lenna, IT65430 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Levate, IT3,38820 May 2010Monitoring started
Locatello, IT78525 Jun 2010Action Plans submitted
Lurano, IT2,65513 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Madone, IT4,01019 Jul 2010Monitoring started
Mapello, IT6,61127 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Martinengo, IT10,121 4 Jun 2010Monitoring started
Medolago, IT2,37429 Nov 2010Monitoring started
Mezzoldo, IT19722 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Misano di Gera d'Adda, IT3,02431 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Moio de Calvi, IT19928 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Morengo, IT2,47422 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Mornico al Serio, IT2,63213 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Mozzanica, IT4,61529 Apr 2011Monitoring started
Mozzo, IT7,50710 May 2011Monitoring started
Nembro, IT11,64227 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Olmo al Brembo, IT52127 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Oltre Il Colle, IT1,07127 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Oltressenda Alta, IT18825 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Oneta, IT71419 Feb 2010Monitoring started
Onore, IT86124 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Ornica, IT17827 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Osio Sopra, IT5,13910 Jun 2010Monitoring started
Osio Sotto, IT11,08127 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Pagazzano, IT2,20030 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Paladina, IT4,02428 Apr 2011Monitoring started
Palazzago, IT4,24926 Sep 2011Monitoring started
Palosco, IT5,80129 May 2010Monitoring started
Parre, IT2,86629 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Pedrengo, IT5,777 8 Feb 2010Monitoring started
Peia, IT1,76123 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Piario, IT1,09311 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Piazza Brembana, IT1,26730 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Piazzatorre, IT44628 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Piazzolo, IT88 1 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Ponte Nossa, IT2,04812 Oct 2009Monitoring started
Ponte San Pietro, IT11,66323 Jan 2012Monitoring started
Ponteranica, IT6,813 8 Feb 2010Monitoring started
Pontirolo Nuovo, IT5,000 9 Jul 2010Monitoring started
Pradalunga, IT4,17929 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Premolo, IT1,09517 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Presezzo, IT4,65731 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Pumenengo, IT1,662 4 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Ranica, IT6,01811 May 2010Monitoring started
Romano di Lombardia, IT19,18423 Feb 2012Monitoring started
Roncobello, IT44024 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Roncola, IT720 1 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Rota d'Imagna, IT85726 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Rovetta, IT3,88910 May 2010Monitoring started
San Giovanni Bianco, IT5,13018 Feb 2010Monitoring started
San Pellegrino Terme, IT4,965 7 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Sant'Omobono Terme, IT3,50528 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Santa Brigida, IT59424 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Scanzorosciate, IT9,84323 Feb 2010Monitoring started
Sedrina, IT2,53529 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Selvino, IT1,99917 Dec 2012Action Plans submitted
Serina, IT2,18627 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Solza, IT1,98115 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Songavazzo, IT66228 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Sorisole, IT9,10028 Jun 2010Action Plans submitted
Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII, IT4,15129 Jul 2010Monitoring started
Spirano, IT5,36514 May 2010Monitoring started
Stezzano, IT12,967 1 Jun 2011Monitoring started
Strozza, IT1,04415 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Suisio, IT3,910 2 May 2011Monitoring started
Taleggio, IT61030 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Telgate, IT4,86514 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Terno d'Isola, IT4,99527 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Torre Boldone, IT7,76425 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Treviglio, IT28,97010 May 2010Monitoring started
Treviolo, IT9,40230 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Ubiale Clanezzo, IT1,40430 Sep 2009Monitoring started
Urgnano, IT8,70414 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Val Brembilla, IT4,47713 Oct 2009Monitoring started
Valbondione (duplicated), IT1,156 4 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Valbrembo, IT3,58717 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Valgoglio, IT61310 Feb 2012Action Plans submitted
Valleve, IT13613 Oct 2009Monitoring started
Valnegra, IT21319 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Valsecca, IT43531 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Valtorta, IT30824 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Vedeseta, IT220 1 Oct 2009Monitoring started
Verdellino, IT7,78030 Sep 2010Monitoring started
Verdello, IT7,79420 Jun 2010Monitoring started
Vertova, IT4,89328 Mar 2012Monitoring started
Villa d'Adda, IT4,75726 Apr 2012Monitoring started
Villa d'Almè, IT6,844 4 Feb 2011Monitoring started
Villa d'Ogna, IT1,74430 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Villa di Serio, IT6,566 3 Feb 2010Monitoring started
Vilminore di Scalve, IT1,511 6 Apr 2012Monitoring started
Zanica, IT80029 Apr 2011Monitoring started
Zogno, IT9,08026 Nov 2009Monitoring started
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