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Associated Partners contribute to the success of the Covenant by sharing their expertise with the Covenant Signatories. They are able to provide local authorities with guidance on deploying sustainable energy practices and solutions in their territories.

Who is eligible?

Member-based organisations with a European or international dimension that qualify for at least one of the following four categories:

  • Associations of financial institutions such as public and private banks;
  • Industrial associations: European umbrella-associations of energy solutions providers that bring together private companies;
  • NGOs and associations of civil society;
  • Other bodies: member-based organisations able to put their energy know-how at the service of Covenant Signatories.

What are the commitments?

Associated Partners voluntarily commit to creating synergies with Covenant of Mayors actors. More particularly, they undertake to:

  • Designate a contact person to act as an interface with the European Commission and Covenant of Mayors Office
  • Share information about good practices and/or tools of use to the Covenant Signatories in delivering their commitments.

Associated Partners activities are inclusive of but not limited to the above mentioned points.

The European Commission reserves the right to end the Associated Partner’s involvement in the Covenant at any time when it deems necessary.

How to apply?

Interested entities qualifying for at least one of the above-described categories can apply to become an Associated Partner to the Covenant at any moment.

  • Applicants are required to fill-in the application form
  • Adhesion is official when the applicant returns the commitment statement sent by the Covenant of Mayors Office by email (here)
  • The applicant will be included in the list of Associated Partners with a link to its website.

Why becoming an Associated Partner?

Because your organisation would like to work together with Covenant Signatories in delivering on their commitments.

Associated Partners benefit from:

  • Formal acknowledgement as an Associated Partner to the Covenant of Mayors initiative
  • Visibility on the Covenant of Mayors website in a special section dedicated to the Associated Partners
  • Promotion of practices and tools to the Covenant Signatories.
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