Illustration As a Local and Regional Energy Agency

Local and Regional Energy Agencies are major catalysts of the Covenant of Mayors growth and promotion. The technical expertise of Local and Regional Energy Agencies (LAREAs) has been is often crucial to ensure the delivery of good quality SEAPs and their implementation.

Who is eligible?

Several models of Local and Regional Energy Agencies coexist. Most Agencies and their networks could be eligible and will be encouraged to sign the pledge and to become active supporters of the Covenant of Mayors Initiative, with the exception of those for-profit agencies, with a project-by-project mandate and mostly privately financed. However the decision will be on a case-by-case basis, and eligibility can be checked with the helpdesk by sending an email to:

How to join?

  • Fill in the online application form :
  • After checking the eligibility of the organisation, a pledge will be sent back to the agency
  • After signature, the agency will be officially recognised on the Covenant of Mayors website.

>> Covenant of Mayors Local and Regional Energy Agencies’ Commitment Statement

Why participate?

LAREAs find great added value in their Covenant of Mayors involvement, including opportunities to:

  1. Create or reinforce the dynamic on CO2 reduction in their territory;
  2. Share the expertise developed in their own territory with others;
  3. Gain better recognition and visibility on an international scale,
  4. Make their territory known as a pioneer;
  5. Participate in dedicated fora, workshops and discussion groups.
  6. Publicise their achievements on the Covenant website.
  7. Benefit from the encouragement and example of other pioneers;
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