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Networks and associations of local authorities are major catalysts of the Covenant of Mayors growth and promotion. Their extensive knowledge of the local and national contexts makes them indispensable intermediaries between the Covenant of Mayors Office and signatories.

Who is eligible?

Networks and associations of local and regional authorities can join as Covenant Supporters. As such, they notably pledge to promote the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy among their members, guide them through the Covenant process and facilitate exchanges of experience.

Should you require further clarifications, please contact the Covenant Supporters Helpdesk here.

What are the commitments?

  • Promote the Covenant of Mayors initiative, mobilising existing and potential signatories
  • Support and advise Covenant of Mayors signatories
  • Support exchanges and share knowledge, experiences, best practices, tools or resources relevant to Covenant signatories
  • Work in partnership with other Covenant Supporters and National/Territorial Coordinators to foster joint action and promote a coordinated approach
  • Participate in Covenant of Mayors activities
  • Report regularly, and not less than every two years, to the Covenant of Mayors Office on the activities carried out in the framework of the initiative.

>> Covenant of Mayors Supporters’ Commitment Statement

In case of inaction or insufficient commitment, the Covenant of Mayors Office reserves the right to suspend the participation of the organisation as Covenant Supporter.

How to apply?

Networks of local authorities interested in obtaining the status of Covenant Supporters should go through the following steps:

  • Fill-in the on-line [adhesion form ->
  • After confirmation of eligibility, complete and sign the commitment statement sent by the Covenant of Mayors Office
  • Upon reception of the duly filled-in and signed commitment statement, the Covenant of Mayors Office will create an online profile for your organisation. It will allow you to actively participate in the Covenant of Mayors community and help you to better support your associated signatories.

Why participate?

The advantages of becoming Covenant Supporter are manifold:

  • Endorsement and recognition from the European Commission
  • Receive large visibility on an international scale, notably through promotion of their actions and events on the Covenant website
  • Networking, experience and knowledge-sharing with European counterparts
  • Possibility to promote local authorities’ and own best practices
  • Participation in dedicated discussion groups, workshops, and other experience-sharing platforms
  • Last but not least, consolidation of territorial development and strengthening of local governance
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